Conference Schedule


Below is a copy of the 2017 QUEUC conference schedule. Information on QUEUC 2018 will be made available in Winter 2018. 

QUEUC 2017 March 10-11 

Friday, March 10th

13:00 Registration Opens
          Welcome High Tea

14:15 Welcome Address

14:30 Plenary Panel Everything but the Kitchen Sink: A Taste of QUEUC

Cleghorn Lounge
Graeme O’Farrell (Carleton): On the Power of Narrative
Natalie Lyther (York): The Homebodies: Sentient Houses in Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” and Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House
Jessel Shubreet (Calgary): Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: A Historiographical Paper

16:00 Panel Session A

Cleghorn Lounge 2nd floor

They Fixed Them with an Othering Glare: Translating Colonialism in Literature

Kate Bauer (McGill): Translating Paradise: Louis Antoine de Bougainville and the Myth of Nouveau Cythère
Edward-Ian Manapul (Ryerson): How Power Structures the Colonized and Colonizer in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897)


McGreer 101 1st floor

“Domesticating” Women: Exploring Female Power and Status

Diana Little (McGill): Goethe and the Eternal Feminine
Tyler Raponi (Toronto): Female Confinement in Ann Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest Christopher Moreau (MacEwan): The Ways in Which The Old Meets The New

18:00 Registration, Dinner

19:30 Gait (on-campus bar) Opens

20:00 Cranium Night (Gait)


Saturday, March 11th

8:30 Registration and Breakfast

9:30 Panel Session A

A Minor Issue: Addressing Intersectionality in the Black Community

Krystle Hackett (Queen’s): Masculinity, Race, Sexuality and Self-Identification: Rethinking the Down Low Discourse
Rosemin Nathoo (Bishop’s): Systemic Blinding and the Representation of Power in Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal”
Melissa Ayisi (York): Black Men “Do Rape” and White Men Don’t: A Myth of Colonialism that Demonizes Black Masculinity and Disguises White Male Violence

Ideology Made Anew: Philosophy in Literature

Nicholas Hore (York): Shelley’s Subversion of Sublimity: The Masque of Anarchy as a Response to Burke’s Philosophy
Sarah Gaspard (Concordia): Redeeming Neuroscience Through Literature: An Assessment of the Medical Mind in Ian McEwan’s “Saturday”
Dayna Murczek (Queen’s): The Limitations of Cross-Class Sympathy as a Solution to Class Conflict in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton
Justin Bulicz (King’s College): Socrates’ Human Knowledge

Leading Ladies: Film & Femininity

Lynn Johnson (MacEwan): A Jedi Without a Figurative Lightsaber: What Makes a Heroine Credible?
Jennifer Popelyak (Bishop’s): Makeover Madness: Refashioning the Meaning of Makeover in Film
January Burbage (York): Lilith as Succuba: The Patriarchal Fear of Female Sexuality

11:00 Panel Session B

Exclusive Brands: Alienation in Advertising

Misato Matsutani (Simon Fraser): Muji: a Non-Brand Brand in the Life-World of Consumers Bernadette Gallagher (MacEwan): Unrealistic Beauty Standards set for Women by the Media: A semiological understanding of body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and deconstruction

The Child in You: Children and Adolescents as Integral Characters in Literature

Matthew Hageman (Queen’s): The Necessity of Children after an Apocalypse
Shane Radke (Calgary): Fearsome Adolescence: Youth Power and Social Change in The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf
Christine Zeng (York): Playing Innocent

Panel Most Epic: Diving into the World of Ambiguous Identity

Linda Steele (Carleton): The Human Hero: Beowulf and the Enduring Legacy of His Prideful Heroism
Gabrielle Samra (McGill): The Satanic Waters of Creation: Water Imagery in Milton’s Paradise Lost
Sylvie Coté (Manitoba): Una's Unity in Truth in Spenser's The Faerie Queene

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Panel Session C

Construction and Consumption of Art: Depictions of People and Places

Christopher Gismondi (McGill): We ate things not worth eating: The Botanical Enigma In Inuit Art
Leah Van Dyk (Calgary): “Return to Nature”: Indigenous Spaces and Nature in Ambelin Kwaymullina’s The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

Let’s Get One Thing Straight: Opening the Closet on LGBTQ Discrimination

Megan Elizabeth Boothby (Queen’s): Queer [Un] Consciousness: Conflations of closeted language and fear in Henry James’ “The Beast in the Jungle”
Ann Choi (Queen’s): Collective Identities: A Study of the Tunnelling Process in Mrs. Dalloway Maddison Yeo (Simon Fraser): Rainbow-washing: LGBT Branding and the Consumer Citizen

Elizabethan Theatre: Shaken Up

Gabrielle Lesage (Bishop’s): Ethics and Morality in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Laura Brooks (Western): The Lesser of Two Evils: The Portrayal of Leadership and Political Apathy in William Shakespeare’s Richard II and Measure for Measure
Raegan Kloschinsky (McGill): Time, Place, Action: The Three Unities and Shakespeare
Noah Furlani (Concordia): ‘The nothing that is’: Being and Seeming in Othello

15:00 Panel Session D

Montreal: The 411 on Language Culture in the 514

Léandre Larouche (Concordia): Richler’s Version: An Adaptation of Mordecai
Tristan Clairoux (Concordia): Corridart and Murale: the shift from conflict inside the institution towards institutionalized conflict
Lauren Laframboise (McGill): “Inhaling the winds of change”: Translation, diaspora, and memory in the literature of Yiddish Montréal

Gross Bodies: Periods, Poop, and Everything You Wish Your Body Wouldn’t Do

Juliet Goulet (Bishop’s): Let’s Forget the Hollywood Rules: Menstruation, Maturation, and Motherhood in Fawcett’s Ginger Snaps
Julia Weber (Concordia): Now You Are Aware of Me! Addie’s Olfactory Revenge in As I Lay Dying (1930)
Christopher Austin (Western): Jonathan Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room”: Scatological Misogyny
Heidi Minhae Choi (Western): The Recycling of Excrement in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

The Future is Female: Feminism in Modern Media

Eszter Rosa (York): The Cult of Femininity
Ryan Straub (Concordia): The Birds and The Bears of Gaming: Gender Performance Through Procedurality and Narrative in Banjo-Kazooie
Celia Shea (MacEwan): #Relatable Cyborgs: Virtualizing and Realizing Feminism

16:30 Closing Panel

Another Child Bites the Dust... ...and gets back up again
Purva Mehta (Western): Seeing is Deceiving – Emotional Abuse and Its Impacts on Anne Shirley and Harry Potter
Victoria Throckmorton (MacEwan): Carter’s Transformation of Red from Victim to Heroine
Katharine Musellam (Bishop’s): Answering to Their Names: Talking Animals in Through the Looking-Glass

18:00 Closing remarks and Dinner

19:00 Wine & Cheese (Bandeen)

19:30 Guest Speaker: Peter Sabor, Portraiture as Misrepresentation in the Novels and Early Writings of Jane Austen
20:00 A Midsummer Night's Dream (Centennial) (not included in ticket price)