Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is QUEUC?
A:  QUEUC (Quebec Universities English Undergraduate Conference) is an annual international research conference for undergraduate students in the Humanities. Undergraduate scholars present their research essays on critical and literary theory in thematic panels. As Canada's premier undergraduate conference in the Humanities, QUEUC is an exceptional professional networking opportunity for high-achieving students who want to exchange with like-minded peers.

Q:  When will QUEUC be held?
A:  QUEUC is generally held over Friday-Saturday in March. QUEUC 2018 is to be held on March 16-17th. 

Q:  Why should I be interested in QUEUC?

A:  QUEUC empowers undergraduate students to find their voice as young scholars. Though students pour hours of learning, research, questioning, and writing in the production of a paper, the majority of essays are only read by the professor who assigned them. QUEUC is an opportunity to recognize undergraduate research in a public forum and to celebrate the academic culture of the Humanities. As a conference entirely organized and lead by students, QUEUC is a networking opportunity for peers to exchange their ideas from an authoritative position, and to connect with like-minded scholars. Attending a conference prepares students for further pursuits in academia, and for professional opportunities outside the university. As a bonus, QUEUC looks great on an application for grad school and/or a résumé.

Q: Can I attend the conference without presenting?
A: Yes! Many students attend QUEUC once or multiple times before presenting. The conference is a networking opportunity for all attendants. All panels feature question periods that open the floor to a conversation between presenters and the audience. The conference also includes many social events, meals and receptions, and cultural programs for all attendants. We encourage first and second years students to register as non-presenters, as many of them are discovering the world of conferencing for the first time.



Q:  How do I submit a paper?
A:  All papers should be submitted through the online form on this website. If you are experiencing issues with the form, please email and we will assist you.

Q: When can I submit?
A: The submission period for the conference usually opens in the Fall and closes in early January. The deadline for QUEUC 2018 submissions is January 12th.  Click on the SUBMISSIONS button in the header to get your essay in on time. 

Q: Who can submit a paper? Can non-English Studies students submit?
  We accept papers from all disciplines in the Humanities. The scope of English Studies submissions can be broad, encompassing analyses of literature, film, media, culture, and art. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach to research in the Humanities, and therefore welcome submissions from all related Humanities fields that can provide different perspectives. 

Q:  What kind of essay is right for QUEUC?
A:  If you're not sure if your essay is the right fit, submit anyway! There is no right or wrong standard for QUEUC. True to the values of Humanities scholars, we are happy to challenge established models and consider non-traditional papers. In fact, we encourage you to submit an original essay, as these will usually foster the most interesting discussions. For samples of papers that have been presented at QUEUC before, please see our Publications page.

Q:  Does the conference have a theme?
A:  There is no overarching theme for the conference beyond studies in the Humanities. Accepted papers will be grouped into thematic panels to foster interesting and original conversations that present the most current undergraduate research on their topics.

Q:  What is expected of the essays?
A:  Submissions should be research essays written at the undergraduate level in the Humanities. A research essay should include an examination of relevant theory as part of the paper's core argument. Essays written for a third- or fourth-year undergraduate course are usually most appropriate for QUEUC, though all submissions will be considered. Essays should be about 7-8 pages double-spaced (not including references) in length for a presentation time of 12-15 minutes. Essay submissions must be written in English.

Q:  Can I submit a longer essay?
A:  Longer essays may be submitted, if the work cannot be shortened before the submission deadline. If accepted, authors will be asked to shorten their paper to the required length of 7-8 pages before their presentation is confirmed, as all presenters will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present their research.

Q:  Any other submission requirements?
A:  As submissions will be reviewed blindly, it's important to remove all marks of your identity from your paper including name, university, professor, course number, etc. Submissions in .docx or .doc format are preferred as we will need editing features during the vetting process. PDF files will not be accepted.

Q:  How many essays can I submit?
A:  A maximum of two submissions per author will be considered. Please note that submissions will be reviewed individually and a maximum of one submission will be accepted per author.

Q:  What happens after I submit?
A:  Essays will be accepted until the submission deadline (Jan 12th, 2018). The QUEUC Vetting Committee, composed of senior students and faculty members in the English Department at Bishop's University, will review the papers in multiple rounds of vetting. Each paper will be evaluated by at least two students and one professor, to ensure a rigorous peer-review. Once the highest quality papers have been identified, the Panel Committee will meet to create thematic panels out of the pool of potential papers. Thus, a paper that is strong on its own may still fail to be accepted, if we cannot find it a fitting panel. Acceptances are announced in early February.


Attendance and Registration

Q: What is the cost of QUEUC?
A: QUEUC 2018 will use a day pass system. For students, a 1 Day Pass is $25, and a 2 Day Pass is $40. For non-students, a 1 Day Pass is $40, and a 2 Day Pass is $60.  

Q: Are there scholarships/bursaries/funds available to assist with travel/accommodation fees? 

A: QUEUC does not offer any funding to delegates or panelists, however we have created a template to send to your professors/chairs/deans to request institutional funding. Click here for more information on this funding request template.

Q: What is included in the registration fee?
A: The registration fee includes full access to panels, meals (Friday welcome reception and dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and supper), and social events (Friday Literary Cranium, Saturday Guest Speaker, etc.)

Q: Who can register?
A: Anyone! We welcome students of all levels, as well as friends, family, university faculty and staff, and community members.

Q: Can my family/friends watch my presentation?
A: Yes, though they will need to register in order to access the conference.

Q: How do I register?
A: Registration is done via credit card, through an online form that is made available in January/early February. For any questions concerning registration, 


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