Quarterback Line-Up and Fundraiser Follow Up: Meet our Communications Director


Hi everyone, my name is Gelsey and I am one of the two quarterbacks for the communications team. I am in charge of creating visual and textual content for QUEUC, particularly for the Facebook page. I am a fourth year English major working on my Literature Honours and minor in Psychology. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I have been discovering ways to marry my two areas of study. I am interested in trauma studies and how literature can be used as a cathartic tool to deal with disorienting events and experiences. 

When I am not developing content for QUEUC, the Bishops community may find me working behind the bar at The Gait, the student watering hole on campus. 

Recently, QUEUC held our first ever celebrity bartending event at The Gait in which professors served students during Happy Hour. It was then my role to shadow (you may even call it babysit) and train our professors on how to work the bar. For every one hour shift, professors worked to impress their students as all tips made during the shift would be donated to QUEUC.  Some professors were naturals having served throughout in their own time, while others were behind the bar for the very first time. Nevertheless, the event was a huge hit and one we plan on doing all over again next year!

The purpose of this fundraiser was not only to raise funds for our conference, but to also highlight the lighthearted and fun nature of QUEUC as well. As an undergraduate myself, I am constantly working on my balancing act: finding time to study, enjoy extracurriculars, spend time with friends, and give myself some time to just decompress. QUEUC offers you the chance to engage in vigorous dialogue on undergraduate research, but also the opportunity to create new relationships through our wine and cheese or Cranium night. 

Check out some of our photos from the event! 

2018-01-25 21.05.48.jpg






With our QUEUC Coordinator and Founder: Dr Jessica Riddell

(an absolute natural)

2018-01-25 21.30.12.jpg



"What goes into a whiskey sour?"

shadowing Dr Patrick McBrine, our medievalist specialist

2018-01-25 21.13.00.jpg



"Why is my prof serving me tequila?"

               Dr Riddell making a Mexican Flag shot sequence 

2018-01-25 20.46.58.jpg

Our best dressed bartenders

the inseparable Dr Malley and Dr Brophy both wearing vests and both drinking rye and gingers

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