QUEUC Toolbox: An Introduction to Your Funding Proposal

By now, you must have heard that our 14 editors have read, edited, and selected 64 undergraduate research papers to feature in our upcoming conference this March. This was no easy fleet. With a record breaking 270 papers submitted to QUEUC, our conference had a 23% acceptance rate this year.

Whether you are coming to present your brilliant research as a student presenter or are partaking in the conference as an intrigued and curious delegate, we wanted to inform you of our brand new FUNDING PROPOSAL LETTER. The purpose of this letter is to send it to potential sources of funding, whether that be a Department Chair or Dean of your program, and request funding for your QUEUC experience. As students ourselves, we understand that travel, accommodation, food, and transportation costs are all important to consider when deciding whether or not to participate in any given opportunities. This letter was designed with you in mind. It is important to us that all possible resources be available to you to facilitate your experience with us.

Below are suggestions on how to use this funding proposal letter.


Simply click the link below and download the letter as a document.


Then, fill out the spaces in which you will need to provide your information and that of your institution or person you are requesting funding of.

Once you've dotted all your 'i's, consider sending it to the following people:

the Chair of Undergraduate Studies

Chair of the Department (English , Philosophy, Film, etc)

Dean of Arts/Humanities, Dean of Research

 AVP Research

Dean of Student Affairs

Vice President of Student Affairs

President of the University

Director of the Research Office

Director of the Advancement Office

Don't forget to read the letter carefully as you are instructed to choose an option, for example if you are presenting at QUEUC or requesting to come as a delegate.

We suggest that the same letter should be sent to each of these administrators at the same time.

We hope that this funding proposal serves you well and that we will have the opportunity to meet with you this March because undergraduate studies matter!