Quarterbacks Say: Movies

We asked our quarterbacks and coordinator which movies they like watching on a lazy day This is what they said:

Tabitha (Coordinator) – “Easy A”

Sylvia (Communications) – “Old Disney Channel original movies like Smart House, Get a Clue and Halloweentown are some of my favorites.”

Juliet (Communications & Vetting) – “My favorite lazy day movie is Oceans 11, and I can’t wait for the all-female reboot to come out!”

Rosemin (Vetting) – “I dunno about movies, but lazy days are great for Battlestar Gallactica”

Tori (Registration) – “My favorite lazy day movie would be the Princess Diaries”

Vanessa (Social and Registration) – “21 & 22 Jump Street”

Gabrielle (Social) – “Austenland or A Cinderella Story (or anything Disney!)