Closing Remarks

Dear QUEUC Attendees,

It has come to my attention that many people do not know why the QUEUC logo is a duck, or why we refer to delegates staying in Lennoxville as our ducks. Some people seemed puzzled (though thankfully not insulted) that we called them ducks to their faces. So allow me to solve the mystery:

The logo is a duck because QUEUC sounds like QUACK.

That’s it. Only reason. Moving on.

Except I hope that you don’t move on. I hope that you analyze and overthink and ponder. That you’ve been inspired by a paper, a conversation, or a question, and that new theories or points of view have opened themselves up to you. I hope that you’ve learnt a new term, or are excited to read a new book or watch a new movie. I hope that you have been reinvigorated, and are ready to defend the Humanities to someone who wonders about the point of it all. I hope that you are ready to interrogate the world around you, and that you have left more equipped. I hope that you host literary Cranium nights, and share interesting articles on Facebook so that other ducks can see and comment. I hope that the community we created over this weekend continues to exist in some small way.

I hope all these things for you, because these are all the ways that QUEUC has impacted me. So thank you with a cherry on top J You are all amazing.

Hope to see your name on next year’s list,



PS: Fill in testimonials! I sent you an email on Sunday. These help QUEUC get funding, and remind the university system that the Humanities matter.