Why You should come to QUEUC if You’re not Presenting

By Tori Cryan


I have gone to QUEUC twice now and neither time was I a presenter. Both times were different but both times were really awesome. I had a lot of fun because QUEUC is so much more than talented undergrads presenting their papers, it is an experience.

At QUEUC you get the chance to hear some insightful, original, and well thought-out ideas from this generation of undergrads from all over the country and beyond. You get to meet, exchange ideas, and become friends with them and other non-presenters which in turn expands your scope of knowledge and perspectives.

The panels at QUEUC touch on many different areas and genres. There are so many interesting panels that at times it’s hard to choose which ones you go to. The panel discussions after the presentations allow you to interact with the panelists or hear the answers to questions you may have never thought of yourself.

Outside of the panels there are some great events that let you be the social butterfly you are or, like in my case, the humble observer you are. Social events like Cranium will test your knowledge in a friendly team competition fashion. Cranium never fails to entertain and amuse and guarantees that you will create memories that last forever.

QUEUC is hosted at Bishop’s University, a diverse university in both its students and faculty and its beauty. The “Harry Potter” campus is quite picturesque and is perfect for sighting-seeing and selfie-taking. The small-town Lennoxville community is both charming and full of history. Any local or Bishop’s student can give you many a story and are very willing to share when asked.

Being a non-presenter means you don’t have to stand and talk in front of a bunch of people, you get to sit back, learn, and participate at whatever capacity is comfortable for you. Registering for QUEUC also means that will be feed! Nothing’s better than someone else making meals for you!

Lastly, QUEUC is a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. It’s an opportunity you should grasp and take advantage of RIGHT NOW! Go! Register already!