Quarterbacks Say: QUEUC

We asked our quarterbacks and coordinator what is their favorite thing about QUEUC. This is what they said:

Tabitha (Coordinator) – “Talking in between presentations about the new topics”

Sylvia (Communications) – “I love listening to the really obscure papers that get presented”

Juliet (Communications & Vetting) – “My favorite thing about QUEUC is the panels, because they without fail broaden my thinking about certain themes, novels, or authors.”

Rosemin (Vetting) – “Conversations you would ooonly have at an English conference.”

Tori (Registration) – “I love attending the panels at QUEUC it makes me feel like there are many things the Humanities can offer.”

Vanessa (Social and Registration) – “Cranium Night”

Gabrielle (Social) – “I like how we all get to work together”