What the Duckies Need for QUEUC

By Unknown

Edited by Sylvia Duarte

What the Duckies Need for QUEUC

Since the conference is coming up, we figured it would be good to give you a few tips about what to bring for QUEUC.

  • Business casual clothing
    • remember that this is a conference with your peers and that you will be presenting in front of students and some faculty members
  • Bring an open mind and  open ears
    • there will be time for questions at the end of each panel
    • be a part of the conversations discussing social issues and student ideas
  • Bring a notebook
    • you might get new ideas for research or for your next assignments or find new points of interest
  • Bring boots or Wellies (we get lots of precipitation here, some previous Duckies were caught unawares)
  • Bring your Trivia Cracked minds and literary knowledge for our Cranium event!
  • Bring some casual clothes or clothes you use for going out so you can join in the festivities
  • Also, make sure you bring your speech and powerpoint with you (not that I have to remind you).

If you have any questions, email us at QUEUC@Ubishops.ca