Ducking Through Midterms Season


By Unknown

Edited by Sylvia Duarte

It is mid-semester, and we no longer feel like working. We want a break and we want to go home after a long, hard first half of semester. Our energy is in short supply, and the lack of sleep from the last weeks of school is catching up with us. Most students just want to give up, but now we have to hunker down and study our tails off. Since we all have to suffer through exams, the QUEUC team is here to give you tips on how to survive your finals.

According to an article published by Huffington Post, our delayed and last minute cram sessions before exams are not the ideal way to make it through exams (what a shocker, but we still try). Nerves also play a big part in determining how well we do under pressure. So relax, breathe, and take a moment to read this article about the best ways to study for exams.

For those of us who choose procrastination as our main method of study, here is the harsh reality: starting to study weeks in advance so you remember all the information, and writing out practice exams are the best ways to improve your final grade. But here is a tip to brighten your day: eating berries and almonds before your exam improves memory, so stock up.

One tip I received from a Finance teacher helped me to wrap my head around why spreading out study sessions is better. Apparently, one hour of intense studying, is approximately equivalent to the same effort level needed for 4-6 hours of physical activity (you might not want to quote me word for word). So short frequent sessions are better for absorbing information since your brain needs a steady workout schedule even though it is a tougher muscle then the rest of your body. Also, sleep is integral to good performance on an exam because we will be more relaxed, and the fog of poor sleeping patterns won't affect your ability to comprehend and formulate your answers to examination questions. Therefore, sleep is not simply for the weak.

Here are some tips from some QUEUC 2015 Quarterbacks:

"Write things out on cue cards. If you can explain difficult concepts on a single little cue card, you're bound to remember it for the exam." - Samantha Maliszewski 

"Trust yourself and relax. You probably know more than you think you do." - Nick Walling

"Try to teach your material to a willing victim...umm, friend. You retain more information when you teach something than just reading over it by yourself. At the very least, try to summarize the concepts in your own words to get a better sense of what you do and don't know." - Megan McLeod 

"Get foam earplugs, you'll stay focused throughout your exam. Also sleep is literally the solution to everything. Take a nap if you feel like studying isnt working anymore." - Ariane Fecteau 

I will not offend your senses by saying 'Merry/Happy Studying' (I hate it when people say this because clearly no one likes studying for exams apart from a few unique academic geek-lings) but rather, good luck with your finals. We have all been through exam season and survived (except maybe first years...), so we can do it again. I hope that these tips help you to make it through midterms or give you new ideas for reviewing course material.

Keep flapping, you are almost over the pond.