QUEUC 2016: Thank You and Closing Remarks

"After a wonderful weekend of presentations, discussions, and great food, QUEUC 2016 has come to a close. As one of the coordinators for the conference, I want to thank everyone who volunteered, presented, attended, and helped make the conference happen. Without the help of everyone involved, and the help of our sponsors, the conference could not happen. QUEUC’s objective is to provide undergraduates the opportunity to share their research work. Through presentation and discussion, we hope to motivate and inspire young academics to continue working and modifying their ideas and concepts.

Listening to all the critical discussions that took place over the weekend has certainly reinforced within me the importance of sharing our work, and questioning not only the world in which we live, but how we interpret that world. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again next year!"    

- Geoff Meugens, QUEUC Coordinator


As we are quickly catapulted back into school routines and the chaos that is final assignments and papers, we at QUEUC would like to take a minute to thank you for making the 2016 conference a success. 

Here is a taste of a few pictures we got during the conference (we are also thinking if we should investigate the similarities between 'listening face' and 'stank-face'). If you have any great pictures (of panels, trivia, or your time out and about in Lennoxville don't hesitate to send them our way so we can share).

Good luck with the end of papers and exams, 

The 2016 QUEUC team

Ellen BlackComment