Meet the Coordinator!



Hello Future Delegates,

I’m Tabitha Hartropp, QUEUC Coordinator for 2017, which basically means that I run around making sure the planning team members, aka Quarterbacks, are all happy and healthy and fed, and that I check emails even more obsessively than I used to.

It also means that I am wickedly excited for this year’s conference! Last year, I had the honour to present a paper at QUEUC, and it was one of the best experiences of my undergrad so far. I got to share a paper I had worked so hard on with people other than my professor. Even better, I got to meet people who are passionate, creative, and thoughtful. Where else in the world could five people, from across Canada, meet up and discuss the relationship between Western feminism and the rise of tourism in South East Asia? Or complain about Baudrillard?

This year the organizing team is focusing its efforts around the idea “Create a Connection.” We want QUEUC to be an enriching experience, where you can connect ideas, people, academia, and fun.

                So submit your papers, so we can make QUEUC’s eighth year the best year yet!


See you in March,



Also Tabitha... but not really.

Also Tabitha... but not really.